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Trusted SEO Advice in the Gainsborough Area:

If you want to boost your Google search engine rankings, what you need is some trusted SEO advice, and that is just what we have here.

Boosting your search listing position – what can we do for you?

At SEO Advice and Support Kexby we backup what we claim, and we live by our reputation amongst our clients (most of whom are web designers!), a reputation built-up from great search engine placement results. Our clients benefit from having their websites placed highly in Google’s search index, typically No.1, and those placements did not cost a fortune. We offer practical, sensible, and expert SEO tips for the constructs within a website – to boost its organic position (not paid for each month as with Google Adwords).

trusted SEO advice

90% of our websites sit at No.1 on Google!

We also offer quality ( backlinks, backlinks placed on genuine UK websites, and backlinks with a high PR-weighted value. Backlink clusters are limited to less than 10 per page, and we offer monthly, quarterly or annual rates for groups of backlinks. Great bulk discounts available.

For customers buying backlinks we provide a list of the links placed, and the backlinks themselves can easily and quickly be checked, along with the PageRank of the individual page they sit on and relevant backlinks weighting.

SEO Advice and Support Kexby. Proveable, stated, results!

We’ll analyse your website and its current position in the search ranks, its PR value and its existing backlinks. We’ll then quote you for a planned and agreed strategy, and if we don’t boost your website you’ll get your money back – we are that confident.

Search Engine Optimisation  – getting your website noticed

SEO is the thing that your web designer should have done for you already, that you’ve now heard about, and are now trying to track down so that you can boost your website’s rankings – and improve interest in your business or project, and boost sales.

You’ll have come across buzzwords like PPC, CTR, Adwords, Adsense, optimisation, backlinks, SEO and Google … and wondered what it’s all about. SEO has its own mystique, and offers up many buzzwords that SEO gurus may use to try and impress you (you will see a humorous glossary on this site).

Organic ranking

How do you get your website to a high position in the organic ranks? Well, you could just sit back and wait, hoping that many people will find it, love it, and tell their friends.

That is ‘viral’ advertising, and it works for Apple iPads, political protesting, local issues, celeb gossip, but won’t work for a factory or a car dealership. The alternative … is to talk to us at SEO Advice and Support Kexby.

Keyword density

Part of organic ranking is down to how your home page (the first page) is padded out with relevant keywords in the blurb, known as keyword denisty.

If we write here: “Kexby SEO Advice and Support, SEO consultancy and website support in Kexby” then we are adding our key phrases to the front page several times – and that helps with our Google results indexing. Too many keywords being repeated results in Google “sandboxing” your website.




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